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Zeffert and Gold Catering of Baltimore Continues Helping the Community While Staying Green and Sustainable

At any event that Zeffert and Gold caters, we are sure to bring more than enough food for guests so there is no fear of running low. So what happens to all of the leftovers? Zeffert and Gold does whatever we can to minimize waste and maximize the benefits of leftover food. For any type of event-weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, or whatever it may be, we always provide the host with a generous amount of all of the food … Continue reading

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Is Your Crab Cake True Blue? Zeffert and Gold Catering of Baltimore Uses Only 100% Maryland Crab Meat!

Have you ever wondered where the crabs or crab meat that you are eating came from? Only a small number of restaurants in Maryland reliably make their crab cakes from local crabmeat, and the state does not require restaurants to identify the specific source of the meat in crab cakes. The state is signing up participating restaurants and caterers now, and the list has just been released, according to DNR Fisheries Marketing Director Steve Vilnit. True Blue, a new¬† labeling … Continue reading

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Maryland Crab Considered For Sustainable Certification

Great article from the Huffington Post about how one of Maryland’s favorite foods is being considered for sustainable certification! Click Here to read the article.

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